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Piss off, Wanker.

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I think I’m going on hiatus now

Knowing me it won’t be long but

I don’t really feel like doing this right now

23 Jul  1


Raccoon the size of a bear.

Get out.


Do you want to come?


We’ve face worse than bears, love.


I’m sorry that I’m tired all the time from work and that I hardly rp much anymore. But working outside in the heated sun doing yard work takes a lot out of me because I’m pretty small and pathetic, not to mention I walk home, so that takes even more out of me. All I want to do is just play games and talk to my bf because he makes me really happy and able to get by this job for now.

Also concerning rps, most threads I have currently are in my drafts so that I can get to them later.

If you want to rp with me about something, or want to stop a thread, just tell me. I’m not a mind reader, and I work so I hardly want to rp much. I also take fucking years to  finally manage up a reply because lately I consider my writing to be shit. So yay, work and paranoia of writing. Not to mention my Barley muse has been on and off.

I’m also ticked because now I can’t have a hateship without it making people ill. It’s called an abusive relationship, it happens a lot. It’s a real thing that happens to people, and I like that I’m able to rp it. It may not seem like an abusive relationship, but it is. I’m sorry things can’t be sugar gumdrops all the time with my oc, he’s fucking dumb, and will do dumb things, and continue to do dumb things. He has a lot of hope, and it lingers, and eats away at him. It’s what happens. It’s called rping outside your boundaries. 

Not everything can be happy, it’s unrealistic.


This has been bothering me all day, and though I don’t really want to start shit I can’t go not saying anything anymore.

Fuck off.

I asked you and Cyril to tag something for me because it made me uncomfortable. I confessed to Cyril that it upset me that all you do is rp about their relationship and how it I was considering unfollowing you because of it.

I can understand that you feel self-conscious about your writing, but it’s still fucking bullshit to complain about people not rping with you when they make an effort and you don’t try. You told me you don’t even track your tag. How are you supposed to know when people want to rp with you if you don’t even track “feralflames”? Are you really all that interested in rping at all? You’re not the only one who has a job and gets tired and doesn’t want to put out effort, and I understand only wanting to rp with one or two people, but that still gives me the right to feel uncomfortable about what you rp. I’m allowed to have feelings.

As for the second part, I know it’s realistic. I’ve been there. I’ve been in an emotionally abusive relationship twice. They weren’t romantic, but there were still damn abusive. I’ve had my heart ripped out and had people leave me and come back and have been kicked out of an entire fandom and shunned by almost every friend I had because of said emotionally abusive relationships. I’m allowed to ask you to tag something.

And you didn’t.

Neither of you did. You both said you would and you didn’t.

And now you’re trying to play the victim. How dare I ask you to do something so I don’t have to see it. Something that would take literally less than a second. “#barleyxly” is not that hard to type.

You’re an incredibly insensitive person. You’ve repeatedly upset me in the past, and I chose to ignore it because I figured you were young. But this is too far. You don’t shame people for triggers. You don’t do that bullshit.

I’m pissed as fuck at you right now. I’m supposed to be having fun with my friend and I’ve felt sick all day because of this. You blew me off and I’m not standing for it.



I should’ve seen that comin’.

Honestly I haven’t gone after a bear in months….

Would’ja be able t’ handle it?

Maybe. Never been after one before. But, y’know, how different could it be from hunting vampires, werewolves, and other undead?



Been a while since I hunted anything, to be honest.

Mm…We could probably find lot’sa things out here.

Anythin’ in particular y’r lookin’ f’r? Deer, elk, bear?…

Bear sounds fun.



That actually sounds enjoyable.

Yeah, see? 

Jus’ name it an’ we can do. It’ll be real relaxin’, I promise.

Been a while since I hunted anything, to be honest.



…. -shrug-


That’s it, you an’ me are gonna do somethin’ fun because y’r a sourpuss. 

C’mon we can go like, uh, fishin’. Or huntin’. Or jus’ track things. 

That actually sounds enjoyable.



I’m always grumpy.

When was th’ last time you smiled? Like, genuinely smiled?

Or laughed? Laughin’ from someone’s pain don’t count.

…. -shrug-