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It was one of those rare days when Sniper actually ate in the mess hall. He was alone at a table, which was normal for him when he decided to “socialize”. He wasn’t expecting anyone to join him, either, and was slowly flipping through one of the magazines he found in one of the common rooms.

It was drizzling outside, which was the reason he’d come inside. Though his camper provided plenty of shelter from the rain it was very difficult to cook when you couldn’t get a fire started. So he settled for some “normal people food” instead of hunting down some small game in the area.

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    Spy waited until he was sure Sniper was gone, then closed the phone. He was not satisfied with the way that had gone, to...
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    Sniper said nothing. He wasn’t really listening anymore. The phone was still to his ear but he was too busy leaning...
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    "Danke." With a smile, the medic hopped off the crate he sat on and followed behind Sniper. He stepped far enough into...